Top 5 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website

The following are the top 5 Google analytics tricks that you can use for your website and benefit with.
1) Get updated information on the traffic to your website from all over the world at various hours and you can analyze the number of unique visitors and recurrent visitors and using this information you can set future goals for your website and set a target or projection for your website traffic.
2) From the traffic stats on each topic, you can know your audience’s taste and what stuff attracts traffic and can put relevant content.
3) Most important trick is analytics helps you in knowing about ad impressions and helps you to improve ads placement and see what percentage of visitors click on ads.
4) Improving website’s speed and page load performance by knowing the content, add-ons such as plugins and other web applications that affects page loading speed and either installing or deleting it accordingly.
5) Above all, analytics code tells you which source brings you the best amount of traffic and you can optimize your website for other sources too and if you are spending money on promoting your website you can know if it works or not.