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SEO Best Practices for 2017


A good SEO is the most debated topic in the Internet by webmasters; however no one is still able to figure out the best SEO practice once for all as the search engines keep figuring out newer ways of ranking websites. Anyway, there were some of the SEO Best practices brought into limelight during 2017 and among them the most implemented one was using off-page SEO to bring traffic such as using social media including social networking sites pretty well to bring good traffic instead of depending wholly on search engine keywords.

Apart from that best SEO plugins were launched and updated to facilitate using better search engine keywords as tags. And a range of web master tools for backlink analysis to check the number of internal and external links from a web page and to analyze the quality of incoming and outgoing links from a web page. Other than that using web 5.0 technologies and better content management systems such as WordPress takes care of your ON page SEO issues.

Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development in Ukraine

Tremendous growth of technology in the past few decades in developed countries lead to so much of competition and this competition in turn made them to witness a shortage in manpower and for their talent needs they started to recruit fro campus and train people. Later, once again with increasing dependency on technology grew the need of manpower for support and maintenance especially in the field of information technology and information technology enabled services.

To manage this, came the concept of outsourcing in the business environment. In any business, not all processes of it can be outsourced, as there might be few main activities that are confidential and holds the business should be taken care of people who run and should be under their supervision. However, on the other hand all the supporting activities and additional activities that help to run the core functionalities of the business can be outsourced to a third party vendor. At times, some of the employees of the main company shall also become a part of the outsourced projects or work and shall work with the third party’s organisation.

This outsourcing concept has helped many leading companies in developed countries especially for software giants in countries like US and UK to save a lot of money through cost cutting and effective resource management through onsite and offshore modelling. This made them to outsource most of their Software development activities for offshore development in other countries where the manpower cost is less and also talent is abundant.

In recent times, Ukraine has emerged to be a favorite destination for the leading software companies to outsource their software application development. You shall click here to know more on Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development in Ukraine.

The main reason that made Ukraine as a favorite destination are the increasing growth of software industry and also various engineering sectors. Well developed countries such as USA with leading software companies import Ukraine’s well established offshore development services.

Simple Online Products & Services Business Ideas That Made Billions

Do you look at common inventions and think to yourself, I could’ve invented that? Chances are you could have! Here are some common, everyday inventions that were inspired by common, everyday experiences. May they inspire you to pursue your inventor’s dreams!

Product: Kleenex
Inventor: Kimberly-Clark Company
Eureka!: The company was experimenting with crepe wading for its inaugural product offering: Kotex feminine napkins. After trying various pulps and blends, they created a softer crepe which became the inspiration for Kleenex facial tissue.

Product: Velcro
Inventor: George de Mestral
The Aha Moment: Believe it or not, it was all due to the annoying cocklebur. Fed up with removing them from his dog and jacket, de Mestral became curious about what made them so sticky and examined one under a microscope. This examination revealed loops and hooks (known as velours and crochets, in French), which provided the model and inspiration for a synthetic copy of this natural technology.

Product: Band-Aid
Inventor: Earle Dickson (cotton buyer for Johnson and Johnson)
The Bright Idea: The marriage bond prompted the spark for this invention. Dickson’s wife had a nasty habit of cutting her hands while preparing food and it was his concern for her that led to inventing a better way to protect her cuts and the Band-Aid was born!

Product: Frisbee-Disc
Inventor: Walter Frederick Morrison
The Light Bulb: For fun the inventor and his girlfriend tossed the lid of a popcorn tin in their backyard, while waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner. Maybe this explains why it’s so popular to do on this occasion.

Product: Spanx
Inventor: Sara Blakely
The Genesis: About to go out on the town, the inventor cut the legs off of her pantyhose and wore them under her snug pants, to avoid “grid bottom” or the unsightly appearance of underwear lines. Thus Spanx was born!

Feeling inspired? Here are some tips for launching your Next Big Thing:

1) Validate the concept
2) Study the competition
3) Identify and target your prime audience/customer
4) Create a unique proposition
5) Define your marketing strategy and tactics (maybe read the classic The Art of War)
6) Test it out: do concept/market studies
7) Initiate the campaign, and,
8) Be clear about the lifecycle of your product – know when to upgrade!


Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates

Whenever Google rolls out its latest algorithms used to update its Search engine rankings, it is awaited and expected like a high school score card creating such a panic among Web masters. So far two algorithms of Google have created the most popular buzz in the Internet viz., the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms.

The Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates makes us think about the impacts created by both in the web even though both are aimed at identifying and lowering the ranks of poor quality websites.

As all the popular websites aim at optimizing their websites according to search engines, Google Panda was fully aimed at penalizing over optimization and hence affected three percent of search queries, results and affected on traffic.

On the other hand, Google Penguin was aimed at identifying and lowering rankings of websites that builds too many artificial backlinks for better search engine rankings. Hence, Penguin SEO update either left well ranked websites with their ranks unchanged or penalized websites that used too many spam backlinks with lowering ranks.

8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Getting a considerable traffic to their blog has been the dream and ulterior motive of any blogger or website owner, however not many succeed and give up at some point of time. Here are 8 ways to increase blog traffic,
1) The foremost way is to optimize the website for search engines search criteria using Meta description, content relevant keywords as tags and suitable categories, thus helping search engines identify the relevancy of your content.
2) Generate sitemaps and submit them to search engines and get your webpages indexed by them.
3) Best means to grab visitor attention would be to get the Best Web Design possible as it makes your visitor browse through the web pages.
4) Write and post high quality articles grammar and spelling error free articles using simple language.
5) Use meaningful pictures to convey information rather than paragraphs of words as most of the visitors look for quick information.
6) Make a visitor your subscriber by enabling options to subscribe to your website through emails and bookmarks for revisits.
7) Use social media and social networking sites to update people in your known circles and subscribers by enabling options to share content.
8) Provide ‘link to us’ codes for visitors who own sites to link to your sites and also submit your website to major directories which can generate referral traffic.

Different Types of Webinar Tools for Business Presentations

You have many choices when it comes to webinar tools, but not all are built alike. In fact, they take several forms. Make your choice easier by learning about the different types and narrowing the field accordingly.

Server-Client Webinar Software

As the name implies, server-client webinar software involves installing software on a server and client computers. This type of software is often used internally by businesses who want to create a private enterprise YouTube / webinar experience.

Web-based Webinar Tools

Web-based webinar tools are far more common than server-client software as webinars by their nature are Web-based. That said, some Web-based webinar tools do require participants to download and install webinar viewing software (Source: webinar tools from MediaPlatform). Others are completely browser based.

Screen-sharing Tools

Many screen-sharing tools exist. They allow users to share their computer screens remotely. These tools are ideal for demonstrating software or showing PowerPoint presentations. However, they tend to be fairly limited in that sharing is one-way and video isn’t necessarily supported. You may not be able to record your screen-sharing sessions, either.

Social Videoconferencing Tools

You may be familiar with Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, and Google Hangouts. Each of these tools offers basic video conferencing, but with limits. For example, only 10 people can participate in video calls on Google Hangouts. Skype supports up to 25 participants. FaceTime is limited only to those with Apple devices.

Enterprise Video and Webinar Solutions

Whether you want to hold internal webinars, public webinars, create interactive webcasts, or create an enterprise YouTube channel, webinar tools exist specifically for corporate use. These tend to be robust solutions that support desktop and application sharing, file sharing, audio and video, text-based chats, and recording and replaying. Enterprise webinar tools are offered as either client-server software or as Web-based solutions.

To learn more about video online platform, visit

Logo Design Process

I was planning to start a new job consultancy after a couple of months and I was on the verge of doing all the necessary ground work required to make it happen. I rented out an office space, made one of my best friends as my business partner and also hired a couple of experienced and fresh executives. There was still two more thing that were the most important left out undone and it was the logo designing and a caption or mission statement of my company. The name of my company sounded energetic and vibrant and hence I wanted the logo to reflect the same. I checked out online for some logos and came across an excellent logo designing website which even had a video to take a tour on their logo designing process. It showed that they the logo design process of theirs were very professional
and neat and for one logo name they designed and gave a range of options atleast a minimum of ten alternatives to choose from. I was impressed with their solutions so I contact through online and got in touch with one of their logo designing experts and got around ten excellent designs and finally chose one from it.

Logo Design Samples

We did not hesitate even for a moment and we both immediately started to work on it in order to materialize it. We chose the name of our company and also chose our business models that would suit our business. But one essential thing was missing and we found it when we planned to print a letter pad for our company and it was the logo for our company. We checked out the internet and found a best site with a plenty of fantastic logo design samples. We could pick one that best reflected our business products and services.

5 Reasons Customers Might Resist Windows 8

Here are the top 5 reasons why Customers might resist Windows 8.
1) Unlike other previous versions of Windows Operating systems, newly launched Window 8 is altogether new in design and look. Hence, if liked it would be great success else an altogether failure and so wont prove moderate results.
2) An altogether change all of a sudden in operating procedure is impossible to happen overnight and so there will be an initial resistance to change.
3) Operating System software is widely used by everyone in an organization and so if Windows 8 is implemented entire workforce needs to be trained which is an unnecessary waste of time and effort.
4) Introducing an altogether new Operating system when people are already happy with the features of existing versions makes Windows 8 less welcomed by Companies.
5) When big companies resist implementing Windows 8, then the message is in the air and eventually small companies and for home use people won’t even think about it.