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Why you need SEO Services for your WordPress sites


The concept of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has been very popular and has been a buzzword in the past few years. SEO is the concept of optimizing a website understanding the expectations of search engines for easy crawling and better indexing of a site’s web pages. Indexing by a search engine alone is not enough and increasing the rankings in search engine stand point for a web page is much more important. Only when a web page is indexed in a right way for the right keywords and content search engines will be able to direct the relevant traffic of internet users to those pages. Whenever a particular keyword is searched in the search engine for which a site’s pages has been optimized will result in display of those web page links appearing in top results of SERP (search engine results page).

A website which is able to score high in ratings and rankings of search engine will receive a lot of traffic and relevant traffic too. In case of online businesses selling products and services it requires for them to rank high in SERP results and appear in front page to get more customers to buy their stuff sold over their sites.

For online Businesses seo promotion australia there are many ways to do it and several seo services offering them, however it becomes necessary to choose the right SEO service among them who will understand the needs of your site better and will provide the right services to optimize your site accordingly to the search engine requirements and also based on your website niche and content. general opinion is that SEO services are easy and doing a SEO for a website is simply keyword analysis and providing backlinks for that from high ranking sites but in real SEO is not that easy and requires a thorough understanding of the search engines frequently updated algorithms and using appropriate techniques adhering to search engine guidelines and promoting the site without getting any bad ratings.

With right SEO services you may find seo techniques focusing on the platform and web technologies used for the design and developing of the website and not just on the keywords. For best seo for joomla seo strategies such as quick page loading, mobile friendly pages and such things have to be used. As there are several search engines certain web pages or almost all web pages of the site should be optimized to be indexed by them all and for that the basic check would be whether the site is browser independent and supports all kinds of browsers.

One of the popular Content Management System which is extremely user friendly and is growing consistently over the web is wordpress. There are several sites that are being developed and managed through wordpress cms. So, seo promotion wordpress sites would be essential to take your site and rank it high and outperform in SERP results among other wordpress sites too.


Hiring a dedicated SEO services for your website


The concept of SEO became very popular in the last two decades and at present it is considered as one of the key parameters in deciding how well a site will rank in search engine results and thus tapping the traffic available through search engines. Implementing the right SEO techniques for a website also comes under the best and most effective Internet marketing strategies to build strong user base and to receive regular traffic for the site. There are several tips and SEO techniques available for web masters in the web to choose and decide to implement for their sites. However, not all SEO techniques will work out for all the sites, for each site a particular SEO technique has to be used for its success.

One common technique that may work out for almost all the sites is the Onsite SEO, where the SEO is done on the web pages of the site. This includes deciding and using the right coding and content that would be the best fit for the purpose of the site and will help to bring the relevant traffic and audience to the site who look for the information in search results that the site consists of. There are established SEO services who can help webmasters to use this technique for their sites in most effective way.

With the help of professional dc seo company such SEO techniques discussed above can be easily implemented for any site. To enhance the SEO of a site, an all around knowledge in site’s web design and content modification and structural revision is required. The dedicated SEO services understand the site, its coding, its design and purpose better and they also know how it will be rated from search engines point of view and what needs to be and where the site needs to be improved to get better ratings from search engine stand point.

Top 5 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website

The following are the top 5 Google analytics tricks that you can use for your website and benefit with.
1) Get updated information on the traffic to your website from all over the world at various hours and you can analyze the number of unique visitors and recurrent visitors and using this information you can set future goals for your website and set a target or projection for your website traffic.
2) From the traffic stats on each topic, you can know your audience’s taste and what stuff attracts traffic and can put relevant content.
3) Most important trick is analytics helps you in knowing about ad impressions and helps you to improve ads placement and see what percentage of visitors click on ads.
4) Improving website’s speed and page load performance by knowing the content, add-ons such as plugins and other web applications that affects page loading speed and either installing or deleting it accordingly.
5) Above all, analytics code tells you which source brings you the best amount of traffic and you can optimize your website for other sources too and if you are spending money on promoting your website you can know if it works or not.

SEO Best Practices for 2017


A good SEO is the most debated topic in the Internet by webmasters; however no one is still able to figure out the best SEO practice once for all as the search engines keep figuring out newer ways of ranking websites. Anyway, there were some of the SEO Best practices brought into limelight during 2017 and among them the most implemented one was using off-page SEO to bring traffic such as using social media including social networking sites pretty well to bring good traffic instead of depending wholly on search engine keywords.

Apart from that best SEO plugins were launched and updated to facilitate using better search engine keywords as tags. And a range of web master tools for backlink analysis to check the number of internal and external links from a web page and to analyze the quality of incoming and outgoing links from a web page. Other than that using web 5.0 technologies and better content management systems such as WordPress takes care of your ON page SEO issues.

Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates

Whenever Google rolls out its latest algorithms used to update its Search engine rankings, it is awaited and expected like a high school score card creating such a panic among Web masters. So far two algorithms of Google have created the most popular buzz in the Internet viz., the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms.

The Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates makes us think about the impacts created by both in the web even though both are aimed at identifying and lowering the ranks of poor quality websites.

As all the popular websites aim at optimizing their websites according to search engines, Google Panda was fully aimed at penalizing over optimization and hence affected three percent of search queries, results and affected on traffic.

On the other hand, Google Penguin was aimed at identifying and lowering rankings of websites that builds too many artificial backlinks for better search engine rankings. Hence, Penguin SEO update either left well ranked websites with their ranks unchanged or penalized websites that used too many spam backlinks with lowering ranks.

8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Getting a considerable traffic to their blog has been the dream and ulterior motive of any blogger or website owner, however not many succeed and give up at some point of time. Here are 8 ways to increase blog traffic,
1) The foremost way is to optimize the website for search engines search criteria using Meta description, content relevant keywords as tags and suitable categories, thus helping search engines identify the relevancy of your content.
2) Generate sitemaps and submit them to search engines and get your webpages indexed by them.
3) Best means to grab visitor attention would be to get the Best Web Design possible as it makes your visitor browse through the web pages.
4) Write and post high quality articles grammar and spelling error free articles using simple language.
5) Use meaningful pictures to convey information rather than paragraphs of words as most of the visitors look for quick information.
6) Make a visitor your subscriber by enabling options to subscribe to your website through emails and bookmarks for revisits.
7) Use social media and social networking sites to update people in your known circles and subscribers by enabling options to share content.
8) Provide ‘link to us’ codes for visitors who own sites to link to your sites and also submit your website to major directories which can generate referral traffic.