8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Getting a considerable traffic to their blog has been the dream and ulterior motive of any blogger or website owner, however not many succeed and give up at some point of time. Here are 8 ways to increase blog traffic,
1) The foremost way is to optimize the website for search engines search criteria using Meta description, content relevant keywords as tags and suitable categories, thus helping search engines identify the relevancy of your content.
2) Generate sitemaps and submit them to search engines and get your webpages indexed by them.
3) Best means to grab visitor attention would be to get the Best Web Design possible as it makes your visitor browse through the web pages.
4) Write and post high quality articles grammar and spelling error free articles using simple language.
5) Use meaningful pictures to convey information rather than paragraphs of words as most of the visitors look for quick information.
6) Make a visitor your subscriber by enabling options to subscribe to your website through emails and bookmarks for revisits.
7) Use social media and social networking sites to update people in your known circles and subscribers by enabling options to share content.
8) Provide ‘link to us’ codes for visitors who own sites to link to your sites and also submit your website to major directories which can generate referral traffic.