5 Reasons Customers Might Resist Windows 8

Here are the top 5 reasons why Customers might resist Windows 8.
1) Unlike other previous versions of Windows Operating systems, newly launched Window 8 is altogether new in design and look. Hence, if liked it would be great success else an altogether failure and so wont prove moderate results.
2) An altogether change all of a sudden in operating procedure is impossible to happen overnight and so there will be an initial resistance to change.
3) Operating System software is widely used by everyone in an organization and so if Windows 8 is implemented entire workforce needs to be trained which is an unnecessary waste of time and effort.
4) Introducing an altogether new Operating system when people are already happy with the features of existing versions makes Windows 8 less welcomed by Companies.
5) When big companies resist implementing Windows 8, then the message is in the air and eventually small companies and for home use people won’t even think about it.