Monthly Archives: December 2014

Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates

Whenever Google rolls out its latest algorithms used to update its Search engine rankings, it is awaited and expected like a high school score card creating such a panic among Web masters. So far two algorithms of Google have created the most popular buzz in the Internet viz., the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms.

The Google Panda vs. Google Penguin SEO Updates makes us think about the impacts created by both in the web even though both are aimed at identifying and lowering the ranks of poor quality websites.

As all the popular websites aim at optimizing their websites according to search engines, Google Panda was fully aimed at penalizing over optimization and hence affected three percent of search queries, results and affected on traffic.

On the other hand, Google Penguin was aimed at identifying and lowering rankings of websites that builds too many artificial backlinks for better search engine rankings. Hence, Penguin SEO update either left well ranked websites with their ranks unchanged or penalized websites that used too many spam backlinks with lowering ranks.